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Joshua Shapera Alumni
Joshua is a 20 year veteran of the music industry and an alumni of Columbia College.  He has produced and engineered for countless local and national acts. He has worked with such top acts as Michael and Janet Jackson, R, Kelly, Disturbed, and Maxwell for which he is the recipient of multiple gold and platinum awards. Presently Joshua is the co-owner of a Studio and Production company called The Mixin Administration with his partner Pat Sansone (Wilco, The Autumn Defense).

GENE NILES: What interested you about Columbia’s audio arts program?

JOSHUA SHAPERA: At the time Columbia was the only option in the Midwest offering a bachelor’s degree. I was a transfer student and wanted to finish a Bachelor’s in audio.

GN: Which class did you learned the most from and why?

JS: I don’t remember the course name but the instructor I learned the most from was Malcolm Chisholm. He was a tough as nails engineer who spoke in a very opinionated way, but knew more of what he was talking about then any of my other instructors. Is still think about his advice when working.

GN: What sparked your interest in audio engineering?

JS: I grew up in a music household. I didn’t think being a professional musician was for me, but I was attracted to the combination of artistic expression and technology.

GN: Why did you decide to return to Columbia to teach?

JS: It hadn’t occurred to me until I was approached by Columbia. I saw an opportunity to try it and ended up really liking teaching, and liking how teaching made me better at my craft.

Interview by Gene Niles 

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